Reshaping Rachel

A blog. A weight-loss story. And intimate details of one woman’s emotional yet humorous journey to finding herself. 


Rachel Stevenson has learned the greatest lesson of all

through her 18-month, 115-pound weight loss journey:

Weight gains aren’t failures— they’re learning curves.




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Nearing her thirtieth birthday, yo-yo dieter Rachel Stevenson knew she needed help when she stepped on the scale at nearly 280 pounds. A movie—and a lack of clothes that fit— finally provided both the inspiration and motivation Rachel needed. With the support of her friends, family, and wife Fay, and fearless in her resolve and commitment, Rachel took her experience public by starting a blog for the entire world to read.


For 18 months, Rachel’s followers track her 115-pound weight loss and her very personal stories of love, health scares, frustrations, and day-to-day successes. Along the way, Rachel reveals emotions felt only by someone in her shoes, and speaks candidly about them. She also discovers food in a different light, and develops her talent at transforming fat- and calorie-laden recipes into healthy and delicious meals. Rachel’s personal transformation is stunning—from physical change to emotional growth to finding a new career—and she hopes her story inspires others to reshape their own lives. 



"Words are magical. They have the ability to make us laugh, make us cry, and make us change. Rachel's words do all of this and more. I've spent my life studying the magic of words and NOTHING is more powerful than a personal, vulnerable, authentic story like Rachel's. Whether you are overweight, underweight, or somewhere in between, Rachel's weight-loss memoir, Reshaping Rachel, will have you standing and cheering her on. Somewhere along her journey of personal growth, you will find yourself inspired and equipped to begin your own."

- Tim David

Bestselling author of Magic Words - The Science and Secrets Behind Seven Words that Motivate, Engage, and Influence


"The blog format was fun and informative. I LOVED the list of tips and strategies following the story. I'm ready to reshape my life!"

- Ruth Groves, Certified Organizer


"From the moment I picked up the book, I felt as if I was reading a snapshot from my own life story. Rachel's open and honest memoir about her struggle to battle the bulge and the emotional roller coaster that goes along with it hit home.

She's right...reshaping yourself is a life long commitment

and taking small steps is the key to success."

- Carol DiEgidio, Travel Agent


"Rachel's weight loss memoir is refreshingly unique with her blend of humor and transparency. I know I'm not alone as I stumble forward on my own weight loss journey. She motivates us to reshape ourselves from the inside out."

- Lisa Tomarelli, blogger, speaker, motivator:  Gain Faith, Lose Weight. 

About the Author

Rachel Stevenson is the founder of Reshaping You, a weight loss coach and motivational speaker who knows best what it takes to reshape one's life. Rachel was a chubby child, overweight teenager, and obese adult. With three decades of experience as an overweight person—and the highs and lows that come with that life—Rachel knows that long-term change and weight loss involves more than counting calories and working out. In October 2009, at an all-time high weight of 280 pounds, Rachel found inspiration and made the commitment to take back her health. She started a blog, Reshaping Rachel, where she courageously tracked her weight-loss journey online for the world to see.