My Booket List™ Journals

Find Magic In Words   (Butterflies)
Find Magic In Words (Butterflies)
May You Love Every Book You Ever Read
May You Love Every Book You Ever Read (Pencil)
Reading Can Do a World of Good.    (Purple)
Reading Can Do a World of Good. (Purple)

Create a bucket list for your books with this portable journal for readers, booklovers, book clubs, or book bloggers.


Record and organize thoughts and reviews on fiction and non-fiction books in e-book, paperback, or audiobook format.

Included in the journal:


• Pages to record details, thoughts and favorite quotes for 100 books.

• A way to easily flag “bookmarkable” reads.

• A blank, 12-month calendar/planner to organize reading activities.

• Pages to document favorite authors and book-ish things.

• Motivational and inspirational quotes from authors and famous celebrities about reading and books.

• The Bookometer: track which genres you read the most.

• What’s your Book Mood?: A fun table that suggests genres based on your mood.

• Something Borrowed, Something Booked: A place to record books loaned to or borrowed from friends.


Encourage others to read by giving the journal as a gift, or use it for yourself and make this the year you cross your dream literary adventures off your Booket List.


Available in multiple colors and designs. Every cover has a different quote.

Black: Let reading fill your mind with the power of imagination.

Red: Read your heart out.

Yellow:  Opening a book is like letting in the sunshine.

Pink:  Live. Dream. Read.

Teal: Read. Everyday.

Blue: May every read you travel lead you to another book.

Purple: Reading Can Do a World of Good.

White with butterflies: Find magic in books.

White with Pencil:  May you love every book you ever read.


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MY BOOKET LIST: A Booklover's Journal


"A must have for all us book lovers... fantastic for young readers". - Reviewer,


"This should be a requirement for students in all schools. A great, fun way for everyone to keep track of what they read." - Educator, Montgomery County School District, PA


"This is the coolest thing ever...I wish I had found it earlier!!" - Reviewer,  

Read Your Heart Out.
Read Your Heart Out. (Red)
May Every Read You Travel Lead You to Another Book
May Every Read You Travel... (Blue)
Opening a Book is Like... Sunshine  (Yellow)
Opening a Book is Like... Sunshine (Yellow)

Let Reading Fill Your Mind With the Power of Imagination
Let Reading Fill Your Mind... (Black)
Read. Everyday.    (Teal)
Read. Everyday. (Teal)
Live. Dream. Read.    (Pink)
Live. Dream. Read. (Pink)