First, Last, and Always

First, Last, and Always


Kim Lehman

CHARLOTTE Hubbard dreams about falling in love on a daily basis, but she's long rejected the idea that someone would ever be interested in an overweight, unappealing girl like her; an opinion that is shared by her way more popular and attractive sister who seems to enjoy pointing out Charlotte's flaws as much as possible.


AND . . .


Then there's MILES Fiester, who thinks that making the basketball team is as impossible as getting the girl he's liked since grade school to notice him. He'd have more luck getting his deadbeat dad to visit him for a day. But, in the first few weeks of high school, Charlotte and Miles come to discover that life is unpredictable, love happens when you least expect it, and there's always a first for everything.


First, Last, and Always is the story of two best friends dealing with the complexities of being a teenager--it's about FIRSTloves, LASTing friendships, and remembering that family will ALWAYS be there, whether you realize it or not.